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What is MIPC?

Moreton Island Protection Committee (MIPC) is an incorporated association established in 1978 with the aim of preserving the vegetation, fauna and natural features of Moreton Island which lies approximately 40 kilometres off the coast of Queensland from Brisbane. Like Stradbroke and Fraser it is a sand island composed of a mass of sand caught on and built up behind a rock outcrop (Cape Moreton) and is 34 kms long and 10 kms at its widest point. In the mid-1990s the island was declared a national park finally revoking sand-mining leases which had existed since 1975.

Organisation of MIPC

MIPC is a voluntary, non-profit organisation deriving its funds from membership fees, fund-raising and donations which are tax-deductible. The executive meets regularly to discuss and attend to general business and decision-making. For information on membership fees and to join click here Membership

Activities of MIPC

MIPC camping weekends provide not only an economical and enjoyable way to visit Moreton Island, but also achieve many of its conservation goals. Visitors are introduced to low impact camping, and the volunteer workers undertake projects designed to protect nature on Moreton Island.

Transport from the mainland to the campsite is via barge and 4WD vehicle. A field kitchen and marquees on a share basis are usually available for Blue Lagoon trips. However, campers are welcome to bring their own camping equipment if desired but must bring their own food, cooking utensils and sleeping gear. Park toilets and showers are available. For dates of upcoming camps click here 'What's On'.
MIPC lobbies government to ensure that departments charged with managing the Island do so in an environmentally sensitive way. Through our lobbying we represent visitors and friends of Moreton who are concerned with preservation of the nature on the island.
MIPC produces a variety of publications including newsletters, regular e-bulletins, field guides, poster displays and an oral history book, (funded by Brisbane City Council) which is now out of print. For information about the book, 'Shifting Sands' click this link, and the 'News' button to access latest news and e-bulletins.
MIPC supports conservation and research through its volunteers program. In the past members have undertaken a 6-year plant survey looking at the effect of fire on plant communities, and been involved in many weed control and revegetation projects in conjunction with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS). For more information on volunteer activities and the current North Point Regeneration Project click here 'Volunteers'.