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What's On 2018

Updated 7 February 2018

Whats on ... !!!!

Feb 23 - 25 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon,

Mar 9 - 11 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon.

Mar 23 – 25 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon

Apr 20 – 22 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon

May 11 – 13 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon

Volunteer trips booking


Bookings for all trips:
By Email: MIPC Secretary at, or
By Phone:
3321 1463 and leave a message

Volunteers at Blue Lagoon   

This season work will include planting out at the Cape, propagation at the North Point nursery; weeding Prickly Pear & Mossman River Grass and rubbish.

The King tides combined with a large swell has resulted in significant beach erosion. So there is now a fair bit of beach rubbish to collect.

Volunteer Costs $50 annual contribution

Volunteers are required to pay $50 as a contribution towards ferry fares for the year. The one off annual contribution is required when nominating for your first trip. Volunteering in the subsequent 12 months will be free.

Volunteers attending for 3 days work 9 hours. We are only able to provide transport to work site for 6 hours of work for those who come on Saturday. Volunteers coming on Saturday pay an additional $45 each trip to cover additional costs of transfer from the MICat to Blue Lagoon.

Volunteers can choose to work less hours but are required to pay an extra $15 for every hour not worked.
Children on volunteer weekends are welcome. Parents are asked to be realistic about your child's capacity to contribute, and to pay MIPC a contribution to cover their MICat fare and Island transport.

Recreational week-ends at Blue Lagoon

Members who do not wish to volunteer can come on any of the volunteer week-ends. Cost $180. This is an excellent option if your into volunteering and your friend wants to just chill out.

Blue Lagoon Trips

Depart Friday 8.30am on the MICat, 14 Howard Smith Drive, Port of Brisbane

Return arrive at Lytton 6pm Sunday.

Packing for trip

Large walk-in canvas marquee tents with bare stretchers are available. You are welcome to BYO own hike tent, if you'd prefer not to share. There are no insect screens on the tents (usually biting insects are not a problem in the tents but worth bringing a bit of repellent just in case).

National Parks toilets are located 80 meters from camp, and cold showers are located 300 meters from camp.


Please BYO all food. A very small amount of refrigeration is available so volunteers are asked to bring their own eskies and not depend on the camp’s limited refrigeration. Sharing an esky is recommended. A camp kitchen is available but please BYO plates and mug. There are plenty of gas stoves and a range of saucepans. You may like to BYO favorite saucepan otherwise you might have a wait for one to become free. Tea coffee, milk, and butter will be provided. Enough milk for cereal is also provided.

Camp facilities are provided by Moreton Experience. Photos of the campsite and its location can be found at

There are no shops on the Ocean beach where we are based.

Essentials –

  • Weather appropriate clothing and hat. Remember sleeping in a tent is colder than sleeping in an insulated house.

  • Raincoat

  • Torch – Kitchen area is lit but there is no lighting in the sleeping tents.

  • Water bottle (volunteer work is often quite distant from camp) – drinking water available at camp has been boiled.

  • Swimmers

  • Plates, cutlery, cup

  • BYO food

  • Esky – freeze any food able to be frozen to save carrying ice.

  • If not prepared to share a tent, BYO hike tent.

  • Sleeping bag or alternative plus pillow

  • Insect repellent and sunscreen

  • BYO work gloves

  • BYO alcohol/other drinks

The fresh water Blue Lagoon is an easy 10 minute walk from camp and is excellent for swimming. Swimming from the Ocean beach is not safe as there are no life savers, no shark nets offshore and the beach is notorious for rips.

BYO gloves if you have some otherwise you can use the used gloves at camp.