Cane toad Detector Dog Reports The Brisbane City Council has sponsored several searches of Moreton Island with Cane Toad Detector dogs. MIPC volunteers Christine Sanders and Greg Curtis have provided on ground support . Links to their reports

April 2018 – Author Greg Curtis (3MB) Two toads located.

Dec 2017 Author Christine Sanders (40MB)

May 2017 Author Christine Sanders.(25) Toad carcus

Pandanus Dieback

In March 2017 large populations of the leaf hopper Jamella australiae were found on Pandanus in Bulwer and North Point. A report on the various options for control is authored by Joel Fostin.

North Point Beach Report

It has been decided to allow access to the North Point beach up to 50 metres from the rocks at the beginning of the walk to Honeymoon Bay.

This information was obtained through RTI (formerly FOI) and is available at this link North Point Beach Report

It is a large document of 42 Mgs.

North Point Regeneration Project:  In 2007 MIPC successfully applied to the Australian Government Envirofund for a grant to undertake the regeneration of North Point, an area degraded due to the long term presence of a 'squatters' camp', now removed. Part of the area has been developed by QPWS as a public campground, with the remainder being allowed to return to its natural state. The project aimed to identify and eliminate the pest plants which were established there due to the illegal habitation, and replant where required with native species using volunteer labour. The funds provided by Envirofund covered transport costs to get volunteers to this remote site, including barge fares from the mainland, and 4WD vehicular transport to North Point.

This project was expected to be conducted over an 18-month period and commenced in February 2008 but was extended to Dec 09 due to the oil spill which denied us access to the site at North Point. Plans for large groups camping at North Point proved to be difficult to organise so most of the work was done by small groups staying at the flat at the Information Centre. There were 3 weekends when 10 more volunteers were brought over by Goanna Adventures which gave us generous discounts on their usual rates. Volunteers were expected to work for at least four hours per day as their contribution to the project.

A plant nursery was commenced three years ago at North Point using MIPC volunteer labour under the supervision of QPWS rangers. This now provides native plants for use in the regeneration of the campground and other degraded areas.

MIPC acknowledges support received from MICat ferries for providing discount barge fares for volunteers, and to Alan Genninges of Moreton Experience for transport.

The final report has been produced - click here.

Pest plants of Nth Pt. - click here.