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Pest plants of Nth Pt. - click here.

Cane Toad Watch: In the aftermath of the oil spill there has been a heightened fear of the introduction of cane toads onto the island. Isolated specimens have been found but to date, as far as is known, they have not been breeding but all must remain vigilant.

To hear the sound of a calling toad click here.

See Amphibians of Moreton Island below for Moreton Island frogs and their calls.

Listing of Moreton Island flora and fauna are:

Amphibians of Moreton Island

Fish of Moreton Island

Flora of Moreton Island

Mammals of Moreton Island

Reptiles of Moreton Island

Weeds of Moreton Island

Seagrass Watch: MIPC members are also involved in a worldwide program of seagrass monitoring. Three times a year a site off the western beach of the Little Sandhills is monitored at low tide for seagrass health and cover. Thanks to the Tangalooma Resort for provision of transport to and from the mainland to the site for our volunteers.

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