Moreton Island Protection Committee (MIPC) Volunteer Program: Since its establishment in 1978, MIPC's members have been actively involved in many weeding and revegetation projects in collaboration with the Parks and Wildlife Service. MIPC has a good track record of commitment to on-going projects, and of being able to muster sufficient numbers of volunteers for specific tasks.

Clean up Australia Day March 7th 2021

All are invited to join in the Australia Day cleanup. Meet at Bulwer 8am Sunday March 7th. Local residents will assist with transport to clean up sites. Participants are asked to arrange their own transport to the meet site.

Organiser Greg Curtis Mob 0427754192 text preferred

Whats on ... !!!! First half 2021

Mar 7 Clean up Aust Day

Mar Sat 6 – 9 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon (max 6)

Mar 12 - 14 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon

Apr 16 - 18 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon

May 14 -16 Doctors for the Environment Blue L. MIPC welcome to assist with hosting.

May 21 - 23 Volunteers at Blue Lagoon

All Friday trips depart 8.30am

Sat Mar 6th departs 1pm. Returns 3.30 Tues.

Volunteer nominations

**Please book at least 1 week in advance**

Alan 0428783781 (text only please) or


or leave a message on MIPC's voice mail on 07 33211463

Cost; $100 – covers MICat fares, and 4WD transport.

$60 for returning volunteers.

Doctors for the Environment – MIPC volunteers to host are welcome.

DEPART from 14 Howard Smith Drive, Port of Bris.

Saturday departure If unable to come on Friday it is sometimes possible to come on Saturday. Please nominate at least 2 weeks in advance so we can confirm availability of a vehicle for your transfer to Blue Lagoon.

Volunteer Costs

Volunteers attending 3-day trips are required to pay $60 as a contribution towards ferry fares and 4WD costs. Additional trips within 6 months are free. Minimum of 9 hours’ work over the weekend is expected.

Volunteers attending 2-day trips are required to pay a fee of $80. Additional Saturday trips within 6 months cost $40. Volunteers attending for only 2 days pay a higher fee because they can only complete 6 hours’ work and require a 90-minute 4WD trip to collect them from the ferry.

Cape Moreton Information Centre Program: This programe is currently inactive. 

North Point Regeneration Project:  In 2007 MIPC successfully applied to the Australian Government Envirofund for a grant to undertake the regeneration of North Point, an area degraded due to the long term presence of a 'squatters' camp', now removed. Part of the area has been developed by QPWS as a public campground, with the remainder being allowed to return to its natural state. The project aimed to identify and eliminate the pest plants which were established there due to the illegal habitation, and replant where required with native species using volunteer labour. The funds provided by Envirofund covered transport costs to get volunteers to this remote site, including barge fares from the mainland, and 4WD vehicular transport to North Point.

This project was expected to be conducted over an 18-month period and commenced in February 2008 but was extended to Dec 09 due to the oil spill which denied us access to the site at North Point. Plans for large groups camping at North Point proved to be difficult to organise so most of the work was done by small groups staying at the flat at the Information Centre. There were 3 weekends when 10 more volunteers were brought over by Goanna Adventures which gave us generous discounts on their usual rates. Volunteers were expected to work for at least four hours per day as their contribution to the project.

A plant nursery was commenced three years ago at North Point using MIPC volunteer labour under the supervision of QPWS rangers. This now provides native plants for use in the regeneration of the campground and other degraded areas.

MIPC acknowledges support received from MICat ferries for providing discount barge fares for volunteers, and to Alan Genninges of Moreton Experience for transport.

The final report has been produced - click here.

Pest plants of Nth Pt. - click here.

Cane Toad Watch: In the aftermath of the oil spill there has been a heightened fear of the introduction of cane toads onto the island. Isolated specimens have been found but to date, as far as is known, they have not been breeding but all must remain vigilant.

To hear the sound of a calling toad click here.

See Amphibians of Moreton Island below for Moreton Island frogs and their calls.

Listing of Moreton Island flora and fauna are:

Amphibians of Moreton Island

Fish of Moreton Island

Flora of Moreton Island

Mammals of Moreton Island

Reptiles of Moreton Island

Weeds of Moreton Island

Seagrass Watch: MIPC members are also involved in a worldwide program of seagrass monitoring. Three times a year a site off the western beach of the Little Sandhills is monitored at low tide for seagrass health and cover. Thanks to the Tangalooma Resort for provision of transport to and from the mainland to the site for our volunteers.

Want more information, or to sign up?

Email: mipc@moretonisland.org.au or call MIPC message bank 07 3321 1463 and leave your name and phone number.

For dates of upcoming volunteer weekends and other activities go to What's On